These are the pillows I have been working on…
Pillows 112
So, I know we all love Anthropologie, especially the incredible styling of the catalogs. When the fall catalog came I was so in love with all of the equestrian styled fashions and backgrounds. I have shared some of the images below..
Ralph Lauren also had some amazing ads this month with all kinds of beautiful tweeds and plaids. But despite my best efforts, I can not find the ad and I really did not want to tear it out of the catalog in the hair salon. Anyway, somewhere in the midst of all of this I was in Joann Fabrics and found myself drawn to the suiting fabric department and I fell in L.O.V.E. I should have taken a picture of the fabric stack, but hey, I am still learning this gig! Then, I was getting dressed one day and I pulled out a belt. I quickly realized that this was a belt from most likely high school and there was no way that baby was going around my waist! It hung on my railing for several days intended to put in a bag for Goodwill. Until, I had an idea! So here is somehing you do not know about me. I do not sew. I am totally intimidated by a sewing machine. I am going to work on changing that, but until then, I use all different versions of sewing tape. Here is sort of the process. I did even get all fancy and did an “envelope enclosure” back on two of the three pillows.. Pillows 027Pillows 028 So here are my completed pillows: First, I did one in a beautiful tweed backed with a blue herringbone and wrapped it in the belt. This fabric was the very solid and two sided. However, it was expensive. I did buy in on sale but I only bought a small quantity. I used the blue fabric on the back because I like the contrast and because that was a fabric I found on the clearance racks. This one is definitely my favorite. Pillows 037 Here is a close up of the fabric. Pillows 040 Then I used another tweed for a long pillow and added some rosettes in the same fabric. This is my first time doing rosettes. I know, nothing revolutionary. However, I would like to thank my sister for telling my honestly that my first one stunk so that I would try again and get much better results this time. Pillows 063 Pillows 067 I also am totally in L.O.V.E. with crewel and I have been for some time. A few weeks after I picked up the tweed fabric I was again in Joann’s and found a beautiful brown crewel fabric that I used for this pillow. Pillows 042Pillows 046 I have put them on the sofa and loveseat in our family room and mixed them with some of our existing pillows. I would love to say that I made the cable knit pillow, but I actually found it on sale at Pier 1. Pillows 056 Pillows 059 Pillows 090 Pillows 092 Thank you to the folks at The CSI Project for having a pillow inspired link party this week. I started this project weeks ago and that was just the fire under my tush I needed! So, I will be sharing this post at:
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November 11, 2010 — Laura Putnam