Galvanized-Christmas-Buckets I have been wanting to do this project for 2 weeks and I just made it a priority to get it to done today. And when I say it took 10 minutes, I really mean it because the sun was going down so fast, I pulled it together in no time and still had time to shoot the pictures. I am joining several other blogging friends today to bring you our best quick and easy 10 minute decorating ideas for Christmas. I also shared another 10 minute idea last week - a snow globe village centerpiece If you are interested in making your own chalk pen galvanized buckets, you will need a chalk pen, galvanized buckets of any kind (these are vintage maple buckets from our shop). You will need some greens, a vase for each bucket, ribbon, a chalk pen and ribbon of your choice. And if you would like, some "fairy lights" that are battery operated.
Christmas Decorating Idea
I put on the letters free-hand with my chalk pen, but you could use a template or a stencil if you choose. Add some water to your vase. I just use mason jars and I place the fresh greens in the vase. Place the vase inside your bucket. Even if your bucket is water-tight, it will be better for the long term use and for your greens if the water and the greens are in a glass vase. Next, tie on some ribbon, if you choose, and add your fairy lights. I chose to place mine on our stairs, but these would work on a console table, mantel or even on a front porch.
Christmas Decorating Idea
I love this idea so much - it is so simple, quick and can be customized to any season or event. I don't think this is the last time I will be writing on a galvanized bucket with a chalk pen. For even more quick and easy Christmas decorating ideas, visit my friends....
Christmas Decorating Idea

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