Simple-outdoor-Christmas-Decorating I can't deny it. Until this afternoon, there were bins and quite a mess on our front porch. And I can't believe that on December 10th, I spent some time outside decorating - in my t-shirt! This weather is so crazy! As much as I have lots of red pops inside, I found myself keeping it neutral and simple on on our front porch. Front-Door-Christmas-Decorating I used one of my favorite and quick tips - I used some hanging brackets to hang ribbon around the door instead of roping or garland. It is a simpler look, inexpensive, and quick. Plus, you can reuse the ribbon when the season is over. We also put some lights around the door. Simple-Vintage-Porch-Christmas-Decorating I so wanted a little tree out here, so I added a blue spruce in a maple bucket and paired it with some lanterns, greenery and ornaments on the bench. I leaned our vintage sled with some greenery and a bow using the same ribbon. Our little tree is a quite crooked, but I think it is perfectly imperfect. You should see the tree we picked to use inside! Crooked seems to be our theme this year. Front-Porch-Christmas-Decorating I put together some more lanterns, a tray, ornaments and greenery on the vintage box we keep between our rocking chairs and added a no-sew throw blanket. Vintage-Outdoor-Christmas-Decorating I made two more bows to put on wreaths that we put on the sugar house and called it a day. I could be crazy, but I feel like this is simple enough that it can last a little bit past Christmas as well. If you ever wondered how I make my bows, I made a video some time ago, but it is all still the same. Thanks so much for stopping by! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1