So I had been trying to find a place /way to put great and timely quotes for my kids to see daily. You know, kind of another way and reminder to get messages across to kids. I found this great frame for $2 (woo hoo!) and I had a piece of MDF cut to fit in the frame. I originally painted with chalkboard spray paint. I am not sure if it just wasn't a high enough quality of MDF or if it is because I was impatient and did not prime it, but it came out too rough. Luckily, I had some chalkboard contact paper and voila! Yard sale find, a love for Chalk Ink and an amazing PB deal! A few days after it was put together, my dear friend was visiting with her kids. Her oldest is an amazing artist, so I had her do whatever inspired her. She used the amazing new Chalk Ink. The colors blend together so beautifully and the chalk dust does not go all over the place. You just have to use a spray cleaner to wipe it off when you want to change it.
Yard sale find, a love for Chalk Ink and an amazing PB deal!
So for the whole summer, we dreamt about Summer Lovein! It is place on the wall that transitions between our kitchen and family room. That beautiful iron and glass table is the Pottery Barn Tanner table and bench. The table retails for $399 and the stool for $189. I have been wanting this table FOREVER but was unwilling to pay that price plus shipping and then two stools (as it is featured in the catalog).
At the end of June I went to an estate sale. Actually, I dragged my sister and children out of the house before 8 am on their first day off of school (I know, mean mother!). Imagine my excitement when I walked in and found this table and stool. I really wanted two, but who am I to complain? I paid $150 for both pieces, no delivery, just the appreciation I payed to the homeowner who spent a really long time tying it on my roof after discovering it would not fit in the back of my car!
So now, since "Summer Lovein" is long over, I knew I had to change it but I was intimidated bu the artwork that was already done. But I finally got the courage together and changed it.
Yard sale find, a love for Chalk Ink and an amazing PB deal!
As you can see, I also changed up the accessories on and under it and I think it works much better than my original attempt.
Yard sale find, a love for Chalk Ink and an amazing PB deal!
Aside from the fact that the photograph is quite crooked and I really need to work on my penmanship, I am fairly happy with how it came out. The ability to blend the colors while they are still wet gives a lot of opportunity to work with it.
I guess I will have to be "inspirational" the next time around...
September 30, 2010 — Laura Putnam