Usually when I hit the road for yard sales, I am a one woman show. A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to hit the road with one of my dearest friends, Julie. We actually were trying to make our way to Homegoods, but never got there because there were so many sales along the way.
Before I show you some of the treasures we found, I must show you where she lives. Can you imagine waking up to this everyday? Julie found this great chair for $5 and is working having some cushions made for it. Other than a little wipe down, it is in great shape.
Another $5 find was this trunk. Once I finalize how I am going to make the two I found the week before into a coffee table, I will give her the low down to do the same.
These were some great doors I found that I am planning to make into signs down the road.
And here is Julie, isn't she just too cute! She has an amazing home that she has pulled together very quickly and beautifully. I hoping at some point in the future she will be a guest blogger and show you some of her home.
Looking forward to another opportunity to treasure hunt with friends!
October 19, 2010 — Laura Putnam