This past Friday and Saturday, I hosted my first “Barn Sale” at our home. It is a dream I have had for a long time. I am so glad that I did it. I will never have to say to myself that I “should have just tried it” because I did try it. I am glad that my girls were able to see me put myself out there.


So how did it go?

Those who came had a really positive response. The first day was quite steady, but admittedly Friday night and Saturday were very quiet.

One of the biggest obstacles to doing this sale was where to do it. I knew if it was in my home, promoting and advertising it would be limited. I knew I couldn’t just promote it the world because this is my home and I have two young ladies who live here and are my first priority. So, I guess I proved my concerns to be real. So combine that with it being the first time for this event, word did not get out as I had hoped. Plus, I am not sure most people really understood what it was all about.

I will say this.

I could not have done this without the incredible help of my family. My Mom, my sister, my husband. They worked their tails off for these last two weeks between set up, pricing, zhushing, cleaning my house and covering me with my kids.

Thank you.

And thank you to all of you out in blogland who had such nice things to say about our set up. Now if I could just “beam” you all here we would be in good shape!


Here I am making my first sale to a kind friend, Amber.

There were some things that sold out in the first few hours, there were some things that didn’t sell at all. There was lots of information gained and lessons learned.

Today, I am admittedly a little sad. I was really hoping for a real sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

But that is just for today. Tomorrow, I will pick myself up and figure out what I will do next.

Will I do it again? It is still to fresh to really be able to fully answer that question.

There was a sign that started all of this. A simple sign at our Church that said “It’s Time”. (your can read all about that here)

Last night, we closed up shop and heading out to church. As we pulled in the parking lot the sign read:

“A turtle only makes progress when he puts his neck out.”

I put my neck out and I guess for now I will accept a turtle’s pace.

So here’s to sticking your neck out.

Have a great day.

Take care,

Turtle Signs
May 15, 2011 — Laura Putnam