I shared with you how we went away for a few days to visit some dear friends in Nevada.

Now, no trip to visit Debby would be complete with out a day of treasure hunting.

So while the men folk took our girls into Carson City to see the museums and the capital (and lots of snow!), we headed to Reno to some shops.

And no, we did not hit any casinos.

We figured out we were in the first shop for about two hours there was so much to look at – it was one of those places with booth after booth of vintage treasures.

I could not get over how many intersecting salt and pepper shakers we saw.

Nevada trip 2012 075

This was one of my personal favorites!

Nevada trip 2012 076

Mid century kitchen heaven, I could even get all of the stoves in the picture.

Nevada trip 2012 078

I do believe Debby thought I was crazy when I said I was bringing this home, but that’s okay, I do realize I am a little crazy.

Nevada trip 2012 082

Oh, if these two could have just fit into my carry on luggage!

Nevada trip 2012 084

After two hours in this shop, we stopped for lunch.

Anyone who knows me, knows you must feed me periodically or I get very cranky.

And feed me she did.

This was an amazing grilled cheese with turkey and avocado sandwich and chicken tortilla soup.

Um, so yummy!

Nevada trip 2012 086

Next door was this costume shop. I was so sad it was closed.

It was probably for the best, my tummy was full and I probably would have done something to embarrass my poor friend.

Regardless, could the name of the shop be any better?

Nevada trip 2012 087

Then, she took me here.

Junker heaven.

Nevada trip 2012 116

One half was vintage clothes and the other was vintage everything else.

Even the music was fantastic – we had a blast!

Nevada trip 2012 093

This did not come home with me – but I regretted it later that night.

Nevada trip 2012 094

But not to worry, a few days later we were in a different town and we found this.

Nevada trip 2012 132

Now, if they were side by side choosing between Kermit and Snoopy would be a very hard choice, but I felt there was no choice but to buy Snoopy when given such an incredible second chance!

Now, I just have to wait for him to arrive in a box of treasures Debby is sending along.

I told her from now on I am only going to call her from my Snoopy phone.

Sunshine tested it out for me first.

Nevada trip 2012 134

Oh Snoopy, I do love you.

Okay, back to Junkee.

This lovely purse – mine now – woo hoo!

Nevada trip 2012 095

One side is sparkly, the other is just the embroidery.

Makes me happy!

This little corner was just too fun.

Nevada trip 2012 101

Don’t we all need a wall treatment of tutus – I see a new trend emerging – ha!

Nevada trip 2012 104

We actually took a picture of me in that fabulous red chair, the only problem?

You really can’t sit in a red velvet chair in front of a wall of tutus in regular clothes.

Now, if I had a costume from Polyesther's I would have been good to go!

By the time we looped back this table made from a door (all hardware still attached) was gone.

Nevada trip 2012 106

When in the West, just couldn’t help myself.

Nevada trip 2012 109

Love the pairing of the graffiti type art, the crazy mannequin and the embroidered daisies.

No idea what that pile of pink fuzzies and the bear were all about.

Nevada trip 2012 112

This one was pretty fab too with its pink frame.

Nevada trip 2012 113

Now this is a unique deer head.

Nevada trip 2012 114

So, I should have pictures of the other treasures I brought home that day.

I also should have all of my laundry put away and my house clean.

But I am going to feel good that the laundry is washed, dried and folded – just not put away, and that the first floor is clean.

Small successes.

So, when I get photos of the others – I will share.

Although I was lucky enough to find some fabulous treasures – it was so much more than that.


It was moving an equal pace with a great friend with no worries if they were enjoying themselves.

It was time alone to talk about what is really on our minds.

It was time to reconnect until we can again.

That was the true treasure we found.

Thanks for reading!

June 01, 2012 — Laura Putnam