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Today we are talking about organizing closets – you know those places where you can close the door and no one can see.

I know you have one too.

For me, it is my front hall closet.

I can not believe I am going to share it with you now – consider it a gift of humor. And a push to organize your closet!

The Trick to Organizing The Hall Closet

Yup, that is the real deal.

And, my vacuum cleaners have just been moving around the house because they are suppose to be in there!

But look at it now…cue the orchestra!


How did I do it?

I knew I just did not have a system to get it organized, so I procrastinate.

Then, I found out about All Access Organizers from Rubbermaid available from Home Depot. I picked up two large and one small.

Then, I got to work. Threw things out and grouped everything into categories. It turns out there actually wasn’t all that much stuff in there, it was just in chaos.

I put the small one on the top shelf to organize hats, gloves, etc.

Closet Organization

The great part is that there is a clear front so you can see what is in there. You can fill from the top like a regular bin, but the magic is in the front…

Closet Organization

It opens right up so can access everything from the front as well.

But what really rocked my world was the 2 large bins I put on the floor.


I have forever been moving around my tablecloths and not really finding a good place for them. Now, this closet, which is right next to the dining room holds them all. I stacked one right on top of the other, but I can still access everything from the bottom bin. And I can see all of my tablecloths, know what I want, and easily remove them one at a time!


These containers would be perfect in a playroom, laundry room, garage, you name it.

But for me, my world is much happier. I know have a place to keep my tablecloths, my closet is clean and my vacuums finally have a place to rest.

Closet Organization

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Thanks for reading!

July 16, 2013 — Anil Sharma