Holiday-Maple-Syrup-Finding-Home-Farms This post could also be title, "Just in case you think I have it all together..." Last weekend, I woke up on Sunday morning early and I had a few hours to do some work. I wrote two posts and I was still feeling pretty fresh. You know, like I really had it all together. The night before I had edited all of the new product photos and when it was time to actually enter all the information and pictures into the site, I knew I was too tired to do it accurately. So, I held off. Now, with this new found time I realized I could get all of that information entered. Finding-Home-Farms-Farmhouse-Bottle-Maple-Syrup I had a bunch of new items to enter and I had to come up with a category name for them. I wasn't really sure what to name it and then decided that since it included things like mustards, nuts, pancake mixes (yes, I know they are currently sold out - sorry!), I would name the category "Pantry". FHF-Maple-Horseradish-Mustard I was feeling a sense of accomplishment and went on my way for the day. When I got to my desk on Monday there was an email from a reader that she really didn't understand what I meant by "Pantry". Admittedly I was dismissive of the message because it seemed so obvious to me. Of course, "Pantry"meant those food items you would put in your pantry. Maple-Glazed-Nuts-Finding-Home-Farms Then, there was another email from the same reader that said it had a picture enclosed. I admit, I may have rolled my eyes. What was she sending a picture of? I opened it and realized it was a screen grab of our new "Pantry" pages. Only after a few seconds did I realized I did not name this category "Pantry". I had actually name it Panty. Yup, Finding Home is apparently selling underwear these days. Dear reader - thank you for having a sense of humor and for taking the time to let me know. Thank you for having, in your own words, "a tendency to edit". Maybe I should bring you on a consultant for any future Sunday morning writing when I am feeling "fresh". Please note, if you want to order anything from our shop, for guaranteed delivery for Christmas your order must be placed by December 16th. We have seen some really slow deliveries in certain regions and we are all the mercy of our delivery carriers. We will continue to accept orders until the 20th, they are just not guaranteed. Any orders after the 20th will be delivered after January 1st. Also, if you are wanting to buy pancake / waffle mix, we won't have more in until the end of the week. We will do our best to get orders to you, but all of the above details apply. Quickpen-Signature_edited-1
December 15, 2015 — Laura Putnam