2016 Well hello 2016, it is so nice to meet you. The start of the new year finds us focused and with a very long list of goals. Not resolutions mind you. We are working more in the category of business planning and figuring out what we need to do to meet our business goals this year. As far as personal resolutions go, I am just like everyone else. More time to breathe and slow down with our family, get healthier, sleep better, actually use all of the anti-aging products in my drawer. I am finding myself mentally a bit all over the place and yet somehow I feel very focused on what we are hoping to accomplish this year. However, my focus disappears when it comes to the ol' blog here. I am all over the place with ideas, projects and determining what this blog will look like this year. So, for some reason, it seemed very fitting to share a post of 16 random things to start off 2016.


I am sitting next to the samples for our new candle fragrances and they are amazing. There are a few I want to rub on my wrists and smell like them all day. Okay, I have to admit it, I just rubbed my wrist on one of them and I smell pretty fantastic right now. Stay tuned to see which ones make the cut!


I finally finished reading Big Magic (affiliate). I really liked it and the messages. My one criticism is that it was somewhat repetitive on the points. That being said, I hope Elizabeth Gilbert reads this because I would really like a giant sticky note version of all of the key points that I can place all around the house for reminders. I really wish I had used a highlighter or taken notes while I was reading it.


I am not going to deny it. Our New Year's Eve was LAME. Normally, I really don't care that much about a mellow celebration, but this year was especially lame and for some reason, it really bothered me. I have already decided that next year is going to much more special. The new year deserves to be celebrated, the year needs to be closed with appreciation and grace. I am ever so aware, that I probably shouldn't wait until December 31st to celebrate. There may be a party or a celebration in the nearer future, but no promises.


Our younger daughter got a Nerf Gun for Christmas. Who knew they could be so fun?!!! We all instantly wished that we had asked Santa for one as well. My birthday is not that far off....


I keep thinking about sharing more recipes and getting into the kitchen more. My biggest challenge is that I don't usually follow a recipe, I am really more of a "wing it" kind of girl. Of course, my focus would be maple recipes, but I am thinking about doing more than that. What do you think?


I am a very chatty girl and I really though that coming up with sixteen things to share with you would be super easy. Turns out, not so much.


What is it about the start of a new year that causes us to start organizing? I found myself, after being bothered by it for over a year, emptying out our china cabinet the other day. All of the glasses and such were sorted and purged and put back inside in a much more sensible manner. I am now staring at my kitchen counter where a whole new cabinet has been emptied out and I haven't had a chance to put it back in yet. I think this is a good way to handle it though, one cabinet and one drawer at a time.


I also found myself sorting and organizing all of the drawers and cabinets in our bathroom the other day. Actually, I should clarify that - just my drawers and cabinets. Dana is on his own and would probably not be able to find anything if I cleaned out his stuff. My new goal is too use all of the lotions and potions in my drawer. I am not allowed to buy one more moisturizer or wrinkle preventer until all of what I have is gone. That is of course, unless you can recommend a cream that I must have because it will perform miracles. After organizing, it is clear that my weaknesses are lipstick, face creams and hair products.


Speaking of organizing, let me tell you about what I am not cleaning up. My office / craft room. It is a pit. My desk is finally clear but there is no hope of using my craft table any time soon. Worse of all, it has been that way for a long time and I can not seem to get myself in there to take care of it. Even worse, I know it is holding me back and keeping me from working on things I want to work on. Some sort of mental block here because I swore I was going to do it on Sunday and instead I cleaned all of the drawers in the bathroom. Ugh. I will do it soon. It must be done soon.


I have decided this is the year of the bath. I am already in to the year with two under my belt which is probably more than I took last year in total. I am newly a fan of epsom salts (which sounds really old) but have fun with the fizz and sizzle of bath bombs. Do you have any bath products / recommendations that I just need to know about?


It seems it is only fitting to look back a bit on 2015. A lot happened last year and I kind love the idea of listing it all out. I think it helps me look at this list for this year and feel like it is possible to get through it. In 2015, we changed our name and URL to Finding Home Farms, we implemented a new online store platform, we changed all of our product labels and packaging, I wrote a book (still weird), we launched a candle line, we started just the very beginning stages of our Made in the USA home decor line, we opened a ton of new retail accounts both on the maple syrup side of things and for candles, we increased our maple syrup production greatly, we became certified organic, participated in several events, hosted a ton of tastings, added new products to our pantry line and we have a few things we have done that we will be sharing in the next little bit.


We have been working on and off for the last few months on our younger daughter's room. Dana has been quite the building master and it has been fun to see her input and ideas for how to do things. We still are a few weeks off from being completely done and I can't wait to share it all with you.


I have been finding myself looking for new blogs to subscribe to. Maybe it is part of the new year, but I am loving reading things from different categories and also decorating and lifestyle blogs. Can you make any recommendations for some that you love?


I love this interview. I am not a fashion buff, my I have always admired the spirt of Dian Von Furstenburg. Even if you have no interest in her career, her perspective and outlook are inspirational. If nothing else, Garance's and Diane's accents are amazing.


I am thinking about buying a watch. A real old fashioned watch. Nothing fancy, but hopefully cute. I use the excuse too much that the reason I have my phone at an arm's reach is to check the time. I can avoid all that if I just wear a watch! I am hoping to spend less time on my phone this year and this is just one way I am trying to trick myself.


As also comes with the new year, I have been doing a lot of thinking and planning about how to approach writing our blog this year. I am in my sixth year now and I have been taking a moment and really figuring out what I love most about it. I find whatever I love most tends to be my best stuff and ends up being what you respond to the most as well. My biggest challenges are really behind the the scenes. Finding the time to work on the blog while also running the other parts of our business has been challenging. I have worked out a few new plans that I think will help me be much more consistent about sharing here, but it may take a few weeks to really get up and running. So, hold on a bit while I get ramped up and I will be ready to really manage 2016 and enjoy it even more! 2016