FH Christmas Mantel Advent Calendar 2

I shared my Christmas Mantel and Advent calendar a few weeks ago.

Finding Home Christmas Mantel Evergreens

At the time I told you I would let you know what the basket on the side with envelopes was for.

Christmas Mantel Envelope Basket wm

But I never did tell you.

Because I never did it.


It is just one of those things you keep planning and it got pushed off until now it is the 22nd of December and the envelopes are empty.

Finding Home Christmas Mantel Candle wm

But the good news is you really don’t need me.

You see, we did actually use it as a countdown for how many days till Christmas.

But I had hoped to have an activity and a scripture verse for us to share together as a family.

So lets admit defeat and plan for next year.

I found some fun ideas here, here and here that you also might enjoy.

And here’s to cutting ourselves a little slack when something doesn't get done!

Next year I am totally going to pull off an Advent Calendar!

Oh, and I can't even believe I am saying this, but our mantel is being shared over at the Pottery Barn Blog!

Thanks for reading!

December 22, 2012 — Laura Putnam