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A few weeks ago, I asked you to fill out a survey for me, I the response was so much better than I had expected – and the feedback was so valuable – so thank you. I will be sharing more responses down the road a bit.

One of the things I heard a lot of feedback about was recommended places and items to buy for our homes. So, I thought I would try a new series and see how you like it – Saturday Market. Each week I will pick a theme, idea, room, etc., and pull together some recommended items.

Since we are hosting Thanksgiving for what I think is only the second time in our house, I thought I would start with some ideas for the Thanksgiving table and the Thanksgiving kitchen.

So, here it goes…

1. Sawyer Flatware Collection – I love how unique these set is and such a fun way to bring a wood element to the table. For specialty flatware, it is reasonably priced.

2. Autumnal Garden Table Runner – This is way more pattern than I usually go for, but paired with the wood tones, I am totally loving it.

3. Kilim Placemat Set - I love the idea of bringing this texture to the table and the houndstooth pattern appeals to my traditional side.

4. Boxed Harvest Crackers – I love the idea of crackers at the Christmas table, so why not at the Thanksgiving table.

5. Vermillion Dinner Plate – Why not really go for it in mixing patterns. Simple white dishes would work as well, but this play on a more traditional pattern could be super fun with the placemats and runner.

6. Scalloped Trencher Cutting Board – I love the shape and color of this cutting board – so pretty, you could bring it right to the table.

7. Mousy Shakers – Because every table, no matter how formal, should have a little bit of fun.

8. Metal Napkin Rings – Because every table needs a little bit of shine

9. Decorative Fox Tray – A beautiful way to bring drinks or appetizer to the table while still being a little bit fun. Read more - serving tray

For ideas for the Thanksgiving Kitchen, click here.

Disclosure: Some of these links do include affiliate links.

November 02, 2013 — Laura Putnam