13 Years of Sunshine

13 years ago today my life was forever changed and I became a Mom.

And now, I am the Mom of a teenager.

13 Years of Sunshine

I have been so afraid of that, not knowing what to expect, if I was ready for it.

Especially with this girl.

Every thing came early.

All the doctors told me it wasn’t temper tantrums – she was too young.

It was.

And she never napped.


Not even when she was a baby.

I wanted to punch mothers who spoke about their child’s three hour nap (okay, not really, but you get the point).

That happened once – and I checked on her so many times, sure something was wrong, that I didn’t get anything done anyway.


And when she was four – I was sure I was doing everything wrong – I even went and took a parenting class (which had tips and ideas that we still use till this day!).

But somewhere along the way – I found my groove.

Or, I should say, we did.

And there are plenty of bumps in the road and she still gives me a run for my money.


But this girl is amazing.

She has ability to laugh herself like no one else I know. That could be one of her greatest gifts.

Or, it could be her heart.


Or her ability to be silly and enjoy the everyday.

There is much to be learned from this one.

And man, did her sister luck out in the “big sister” department.

13 Years of Sunshine


Today, I am so thankful to be her mother and bracing myself for all that lies ahead.


I think we convince ourselves that they need us most when they are little – it is very clear to me now – they need us so much now – even if it is just to listen.

I keep thinking about this moment a few years ago. I was at church teaching and I looked down and one of my students, a first grade boy, was in tears. I scooped him up and brought him out back to see what was wrong. His answer, through his tears was, “I want my Mommy”.

Now, I never knew what was happening in their home, and I know he did end up back with his Mom, but while I waited for his Dad to pick him up – that boy was right in “the nook”. You know that spot in your neck where babies just cradle right in. That is where my girls always go when they are in need of love.

He was there and I knew instantly that I could take that boy home right then and he could be mine – that my heart had grown instantly to love him just as I had my girls.

Now, I don’t mean that in a stalker-ish way. I mean it in the fact that once you have a Mother’s heart – whether through birth or not – that is ever expanding and can take so many in.

I am so thankful for that part of motherhood – that I never expected.

And I am so thankful for Sunshine in my life.

When we came up with that nickname for her on the blog, I didn’t fully understand how perfectly fitting it is.

She is truly sunshine in my each and every day.

Thanks for letting me share this part of my heart today.

Wishing you a day full of sunshine and blessings!


October 30, 2013 — Laura Putnam