his time of year, our weekend our full. Our Saturdays are back and forth with soccer games and all the places our kids need to go.

This weekend our Sunday was busy too- it was time to close one chapter and open a new one.


Our pastor and friend of 13 years has been “called up” to a bigger parish and yesterday over 400 people attended to celebrate him and thank him.

Our new pastor is quite wonderful, but I must admit I am having a hard time with the change. I miss not being able to go and talk things through with him. I am sure I will get there soon with our new pastor, but for a girl who is pretty outgoing, it takes me longer these days to get comfortable with people.


When we returned home, we were all pooped and vegging out. Hubby pushed us to get out of our church clothes and come outside.

And I was so thankful we did – the light was glorious and we spent a long time just being outdoors together.





There was even a long planned climbing rope installed.



I may or may not have pulled muscles trying to get my way up as high as hubby did.

I did not succeed even with my helper.


A great reminder to take even the small pockets of time to be together and relaxed.

Thanks so much for reading!

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October 15, 2012 — Laura Putnam