Spring-Sale-Home-Decor-Maple-Syrup Our maple syrup season has come early and had a bit of quick run. The warm weather is coming! It is a challenge to be excited about the warmer weather because it means the end of the season that provides our livelihood. However, if it has to end, at least it is ending with warm weather! The warm weather has moved up a few projects on our lists, one them creating a warehouse space in our garage to better manage our inventory. So, in order to make that happen and make room for the new products that are coming (so excited for our new candles!), we have to clear some inventory out! So we have slashed prices - and then on top of that - we are offering 30% off of sale items! We really want to clear some room! And then we decided if it was going to be a sale on top of sale, what the heck - why not offer free shipping on the sale items! So, if you use code SPRINGSALE between now and March 25th, you will get 30% off any sale items and free shipping. I should point out, that there are actually TWO maple syrup items that we are offering in this sale, and they are really really marked down. This is packaging we are phasing out and we want to make room for the new harvest from this year. We offering our 16 oz mason jar and and our 8 oz. traditional bottle both at a great discount. View More: http://eveswishphotography.pass.us/putnam Also, as we head into spring, there are some great items for welcoming friends and family around your table. We have marked down our striped table runner, champagne glasses (or vase), and our white and clear unbreakable stemless drinkware. They are a favorite of ours and we use them all the time. Champagne-Glass-Vase We also have just a few left of our wooden doilies. Wooden-Doily And since it was sugaring season and I didn't want our soy candles to feel left out, we have marked down the Maple Grove candle as well. I will be sharing later this week what we are doing with our garage to make it work better. And next week, I will sharing what we have plans for next! Thanks so much for reading and happy shopping! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1
March 09, 2016 — Laura Putnam