So, the goal is to actually write this post on Thursday nights, but last night, by the time I had a minute to sit down and do it – I was just too tired!

The girls are home today and we are getting guitar and piano lessons in early. So here I sit at their lessons writing – always a juggle isn’ it?

Oh, and I am quizzing Blondie on her cords while she waits her turn – except I have no clue whatsoever if she gets it right.

The first part of my “tell” today is about Blondie.

I have never really liked calling her Blondie, focuses to much on her appearance and not about who she is, but it was the nickname she wanted.

So, today, I am officially changing her “blog name” to Sunshine.

Sunshine fits her perfectly.

For now, Peanut is till Peanut, but who knows, I may change my mind there too.

My second tell is a funny Bailey story.

blondie's room 295

Now, I love Bailey dearly and she is my companion and my pal.

But she is a neurotic mess and sometimes drives me insane.

For three days this week she had her nose under the couch, her tush in the air and cried, cried and cried.

Each of us checked, what was she looking for, our noses under the couch – nothing!

What I did find however was the underside lining of the couch was all torn up.

My thoughts began going to a mouse – IN the couch. I decided I wasn’t looking closer and would wait for Hubby to return from his trip to check it out.

While at a meeting the other night, Sunshine texted me – turns out she was brave enough to stick her hand in the hole – only to find Bailey’s beloved ball.

All that, for days, for her ball.

Now this is not just any ball however, it is her best friend ball – the way she feels about this ball can only be compared to how Tom Hanks felt about his ball in Castaway. She doesn’t leave the house or come in the house without it.

Now how our dog managed to get her ball under and inside the couch remains a mystery, but at least now I will be a little more brave to check if it happens again.

And now for the share….

Please visit Love Where You Live to see this beautiful and very clear tutorial for this stunning Birch Coffee Table.


You will never believe what this beautiful chandelier is made from at Passionately Perfect, please stop by.


Gallery walls are deceivingly challenging and Gardeners 2 Bergers executed it so well including personalized artwork.

photo art-wide

Wishing you all a great weekend and creativity galore!

Thanks for reading.

November 11, 2011 — Laura Putnam