I am pretty sure it was our best Easter ever.

We started with Easter Vigil Mass Saturday night.

We got there so early, we were rushing around assuming we were late (as usual!) and got in the car only to realize how early it was. Oh well.

So everyone was in their Sunday best,HS Play and Easter Egg Hunt 306 copy

we wished Peace… HS Play and Easter Egg Hunt 313

..we started the next morning with bunny baskets, bunny ears and an interested puppy… HS Play and Easter Egg Hunt 324 2

…a girl who loves anything stuffed… HS Play and Easter Egg Hunt 336 copy

…bunny ear shadows… HS Play and Easter Egg Hunt 353

…a very happy dog, pretty sure she is smiling here…. HS Play and Easter Egg Hunt 374 2

…a big girl who still knows how to be little so beautifully…HS Play and Easter Egg Hunt 392 3

….ladybug eggs…Eastere Continued 009 2

…bunnies in our hot chocolate… Eastere Continued 022 2

…some time in the sun… Eastere Continued 055 2

…big Sister trusting little Sister… Eastere Continued 059 2

…and then it was my turn to trust. Eastere Continued 082 2

We had family for dinner, watched golf, caught up with each other and then it was just the four of us.

We sat down and watched “We Bought a Zoo”, so great!

Our Faith and our Family were central to our day and that made it the best Easter ever.

How about you, how did you spend your Holiday?

April 10, 2012 — Laura Putnam