When Kelly from Eclectically Vintage contacted me about The Pass It on Project (you can read about what Kelly sent me here)

Eclectically Vintage

I knew right away, I wanted to ask Laura from Ms. Smartie Pants if she would like to participate and I was thankful she said yes.

If you don’t already know Laura, you should stop by and say Hi. She has a great fun spirit that comes through her blog and I have enjoyed getting to know her better over the last few months.

MSP Bio 2

When I started working on what the gifts were that I would make I decided on reworked vintage jewelry.

I was going through my vintage key collection when my older daughter pointed out that one of the keys has an “L” on it and that was the launching off point.


Then I found this beautiful and bright purple and blue pin that was perfect for Laura and I converted to a pendant and then added the a small piece with the word “create” on the back – something that Laura does so well. https://wordpress-563276-1891071.cloudwaysapps.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/MegsPlayOnceonthisIsland2572.jpg I used a vintage chain, added the new oval pieces and then added the vintage rhinestones on the oval pieces. I also hung one more vintage piece, because I like things in threes!


All in all I think it came out really pretty and very appropriate for Laura which was very important to me.

I really wanted it to be something that she loved and she knew was made just for her!

I also sent a second necklace for her to pass on to a friend. This one was made from a piece of a pearl necklace, a vintage chain, a vintage cameo and a new clock piece.


I then packaged everything up in a felt pouch that I added some vintage trim to.


I am so thankful to Kelly for asking me to participate. I truly loved the beautiful gift she sent me, and it was honor to send these gifts to Laura.

Stay tuned to tomorrow to learn what my other gifts were.

April 10, 2012 — Laura Putnam