For the last two nights I have been busy at auctions. It was very funny how contrasting each of them were. One was very low key casual, a little disorganized, fun (down home type of fun) and CHEAP! The other was very organized and formal, still fun but a different kind of fun (more like it was run so smoothly and there was so much too look at and they just paid $600 for a box of watches?!). Anyway, after finishing the auction, loading the car and unloading the car it is late and I did not take pictures . I will post tomorrow the great finds. Just know that I managed to walk away with the main thing I went after and a few things I should have left behind!
Thanks to my sister Lisa for coming and helping with all of the packing and unpacking! Also, as you saw me mention a little ways back, I sent off a whole bunch of sheet music to Miss Mustard Seed. She actually took a picture of my package and posted it on her blog! See her posting here. I am looking forward to seeing what other great projects she has in store for her sheet music.
Goodnight to all who are still up at this hour!
October 22, 2010 — Laura Putnam