early-morning A few weeks ago, my bedroom was all aflutter. It was filled with lovely young ladies excited to go to their first wedding. Friends who are also amazing hair stylists and new friends that made us look our very best. Wedding-Hair-Prep Wedding-Make-up Wedding-Morning-Prep And of course, the bride was there too. But I will wait till we get the pictures from the photographer to share those. Truth be told, I snapped these few pictures in the morning and a few at the reception and then I put the camera down. I had duties as the matron of honor and a toast to make (that I will share soon!). But mostly, I just enjoyed myself. This wedding was planned so quickly and had so many ebbs and flows. It was a small luncheon to a large wedding and everything in between. At a certain point, I just stopped asking questions and just asked what she needed me to do. Teen-Flower-Girl I think all of the changes lead to no expectations. We were all excited that Lisa, my sister, was getting married. We all were excited to have Doug become part of our family. We planned all of the details like flowers, cake, and the menu. But I guess I never gave much thought to the day and I had no expectations. Teen-Bridesmaid Well, this is what I can tell you. It was fun. So very fun. And joyful. And being in a room filled with friends and family that love Doug and Lisa was wonderful. Dad-and-Peanut Everybody danced. Even the groom who swore he wouldn’t. IMG_0653 But the best part of it was my sister found her partner. And I have a new brother! Sister-and-Brother-In-Law And although the details were beautiful, especially the beautiful maple syrup favors (wink, wink), Maple-Syrup-Wedding-Favor and the flowers were perfect for a winter wedding, Winter-Wedding-Flowers but it was really just beautiful to be there for my amazing sister and share in this day with her and her new husband. I love you sista! Lisa-Me I am so glad we just enjoyed the day, but I can’t wait to see the photographer’s pictures! Soon I hope! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1
January 23, 2015 — Laura Putnam