I am sharing today about a story that happened at the Haven Conference this past weekend (more on that soon!). And, I am breaking completely out of the box, and I am going to share with you about what I wore. I know, crazy! There is a first time for everything. Let’s just state up front, I am terrible at “selfies”, which is why my head is so not in this picture! Ride-on-girl

(sweater – last year from Target, Jean – The Limited, Necklace – Lucy’s Locket’s)

On the last night I was there, I was going to dinner with a small group of friends. I was reaching the point of tired, so I thought, ooh, I will dress comfortable (but cute!) with my adorable new My Sister’s Tee shirt. I pulled this outfit together, along with the necklace I had literally just bought from my friend Lucy of Lucy’s Lockets. I was feeling all sassy and ready. When I met with my sweet friends, they let me know, two more bloggers, who I had never met, would be joining us. Let me preface, that my two friends are really gorgeous and really young ( You can find them here and here) As we waited, two ladies came over to us and I found myself crossing my fingers hoping they were not the ones joining us for dinner. I know, that sounds mean. It wasn’t. It was insecurities. These girls were so crazy young, gorgeous, and dressed to the “nines”, as my grandmother would say. They had on the cutest little dresses, high heels and perfectly styled hair and make up. And I felt like a painful cross between an old grandmother and being stuck back in high school. shirt up close And, when we got back from dinner and entered the lobby, it seemed as everyone was all dressed up for this party. I guess I didn’t get the “dress for the final night” memo. I went back to my room to freshen up and I felt just like I did at my first conference, and I was struggling to get myself to head down to the party. What if I didn’t find any of my friends? Would I stand out in jeans? Should I change? And then I decided to take a “selfie” and “Ride On Girl”. Yup, I read my own shirt, and realized I was being so silly. I went down to the party, laughed so hard with my friends Ashley and Jamin and Shayna. I realized when I was just myself, my outfit didn’t matter. And the funnier part, everyone kept asking me about my cute shirt! So now, if you are wondering about those young ladies who I went to dinner with. Shame on me. I could have missed out on meeting some of the kindest and most talented ladies at the conference. If you would like to meet them too, you can visit The DIY Playbook. Now, I have two more bloggers to call friends. A reminder that we are all works in process. And, perfectly ties in with the message of My Sister’s Tee: "Uplifting and inspiring designs that make the women who wear them look great and feel even better. There is too much division in this world. Let's come together." Lesson – learned! MST giveaway The lovely ladies at My Sisters Tee are also doing a giveaway! They have some of the cutest styles ever. They are the perfect t-shirts that you can dress up or just wear casually – and all with a perfect message. Enter here for your chance to win!
My Sisters TEE
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July 17, 2014 — Laura Putnam