Artic-Cove We have been in the full throws of both of our girls playing on softball all-star teams. We have spent all day during the weekends and every night during the week at one or more fields. And of course, the cool weather we have been experiencing has not coinciding with games. It has been hot. But never, fear, I have figured out a way to keep the girls cool and be the coolest mom. Enter, Arctic Cove, from TTI. This baby runs on a rechargeable Ryobi battery and works as both a mister and a fan. It sits right on top of a bucket filled with water. I have filled mine in the kitchen sinks or used hoses at the different fields. And if you don’t have a bucket, you can hook right up to a hose. It would great on a back patio to keep you cool as well. Artic-Cove-on-the-ball-field The girls came off the field and went right to it to keep cool. girls-artic-cove Now if I could just figure out how to get it to spin and reach the parents on the sidelines. Where can you find your own so you too can be the coolest mom or dad on the field? I saw them right in the aisles of my local Home Depot. And if you stop by the Arctic Cove site you can find their other misting and cooling products. Thanks so much for reading and keep cool friends. Newpostsignature_thumb.jpg Disclosure: I was provided product for review but all opinions are my own.
July 12, 2014 — Laura Putnam