Hello sweet friends. Today I have a very special treat for you.

But first, a story. Isn’t there always a story? I was thinking to myself yesterday that if talk is cheap, I must have a really big budget! Ha – now on to why we are really here today!

Today I am sharing about one of my favorite Etsy Shops – Farmgirl Paints.

I first found Becky through her blog, several years ago. There has always been something about the way she writes, the way she shares her heart – and the way she shares her faith so comfortably, that I have always been so drawn to.

Leather-Cuff-Jewelry copy

When she first started selling leather cuffs in her shop, I loved them, on everyone else, but I couldn’t picture them on my wrist. After a bit, I decided to start with the white one above – and I chose my word – Journey.

I soon found how much I loved it (and how much more comfortable it is than traditional bracelets) that I bought the brown one – with, you guessed it, Journey as my word. I figured I had a summer and a winter version. But I found myself wearing them everyday and then she started offering new styles – and well…

I have bought them for my mom, my sister and several of my friends. I am hooked with the idea that you can use “your word”, “your phrase”, or whatever speaks to you.


I always leave the words facing me – to remind me. It is not for others, although I am often asked to see what it says. It is a reminder, right on my arm. To remember that life is a journey, not to get frustrated where I am at, this is just one part. It is a reminder to enjoy all the parts. It is a reminder that I am never alone and where I should put my trust when I need the reminder most.

I started out unsure how I would feel about wearing a brown leather cuff, and now I wear multiples and have fun designs and different phrases.

When Becky asked me to help out with sharing about her shop opening again – I was on board. She said she wanted to send me a cuff as a thank you. I told her that wasn’t needed, but to go ahead and surprise me.

Oh, and how she did.

Sunshine and I were driving home literally having a conversation about how we all need a little glitter in our lives – not a lot, just a little bit of glitter makes everything better. We stopped to grab the mail and would you believe this was inside?

Glitter-Leather-Cuff We-all-need-glitter

Truly the pictures do not do it justice – this cuff is gorgeous. I never imagined me wearing a glitter bracelet – and I probably would not have picked out for myself – which is why I love it even more. And the contrast of the rustic copper tag – seriously, gorgeous.


I truly consider Becky a blessing and she is counted right in there.

Thank you Becky for giving us all the gift of beautiful cuffs with words to inspire and uplift. And it so amazing to see her business grow from her passion and art.

And if you want further uplifting, you should read her blog.

Becky only opens her shop for a week at a time periodically. And she is opening tomorrow, February 3 at 9:00 am. Here is an example of other bracelets she has made.


And she is offering a discount to my readers!

From February 3rd – 7th take 15% off with the code LAURA15


Each piece is made custom for you. You pick your cuff style, your word shape and then your word or phrase. She gives all the details when you order. Certain styles sell out quickly – so don’t hesitate if you think you like one!


Link to the shop here.


Wishing you all a fantastic day and thank you so much for reading.


February 02, 2014 — Laura Putnam