SimpleSpringMantelDecorating_thumb.jpg This week was FULL. We had a photo shoot on Tuesday for our catalog, etc. It was an all day ordeal, have of the day spent in the woods. I can't wait to get the images back so I can start sharing them with you. And I also shared another video this week with Wayfair. Did you see it? Today I am fiddling with my mantel. The chalkboard is back up there because there is something about it being there that just pulls the room together. Stay tuned for Monday, we will see what I come up. The rest of our weekend is filled with track meets and soccer games and I wouldn't have it any other way. And here is a snippet of my findings this week around the world of the internet... Love this full picture look at all of our children and what they deserve to be recognized for. And speaking of our children - this. Yup. I love when people use their beautiful minds to come up with incredible ideas - like this one. Speaking of beautiful minds, I need this in my life. Yard sale season is coming friend - not only are the tips great but I want to shop this yard sale. This cabinet is just dreamy. Now if I could just find one at a yard sale. This looks delish. My sister told me last week that her husband has been boiling their chicken lately. After I got over gagging, she explained it to me more and convinced me to try it. However, I used chicken broth. It was life changing. I boiled a large pack of chicken breasts in broth and then shred it and put it in the fridge. We used it for pasta salad, chicken salad sandwiches and fajitas. It was so good each time and almost tasted like leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Even my picky eater ate it. I am thinking this chicken salad recipe is my next try. Thanks so much for reading my friends!!! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1
May 21, 2016 — Laura Putnam