These are my peeps.

And my dog.

And they warm every part of my heart.


Our Christmas this year had some highs and lows.

But my focus is on the highs.

On the thankfuls.

I am thankful for a teenager who can still snuggle right in with her dad to listen to The Night Before Christmas being read on Christmas Eve.


I am thankful for girlfriends who are like family to us all.


I am thankful for the love I see between my children and their dad daily.


I am thankful for my sisters-in-law.

I only managed to get a picture of one, Linda, but I am thankful for all three.

And my two brothers in-law as well.

And the seven Putnam nieces and nephews.

And for the fact that my Sunshine could almost fit in as a triplet among her twin cousins.


I am thankful for my mother and father in-law (not pictured).

And for Grampy Batch who at 98 is as sharp a whip.

I just noticed how similar their poses are – my mother in-law and her Dad – just opposite hands.


I am thankful that I have been deemed most likely to “Woo hoo” in the family.

I now hold that title with pride – but I am more than willing to share it if anyone would like to increase their frequency of “woo-hoo”-ing.

I am thankful for gifts that make everyone crack up.


I am thankful that my in-laws decorate every nook and cranny with Christmas decorations and twinkling lights.


And even though I am sure it is exhausting for them to take it all our and put it all away, they work so hard to bring Christmas cheer for when we all come home.


I am thankful that their version of vintage decorations is because they still have them and treasure them.


I am thankful for a visit filled with laughter.

It was just what I needed.

And that is my plan for 2014.

No specific resolutions - just going to try each day to find my thankful.

And count them, even on the dark days.

Woo hoo!


January 03, 2014 — Laura Putnam