So, here it is – the close of day one of 2013.

Kind of like fresh, thick snow – clean and pretty, no flaws from the year before.

I know I should be writing about all of my plans and my resolutions for this year.

This time last year, I was in full blown planning mode.


There was a giant poster board and diagrams. And then there were index cards broken down by month.

I am not exaggerating – I really did all that.

And a lot of the plans on the list were accomplished – not all, but a lot.

But this year, I will not be picking a “word” of the year, although I did love last year’s.

I love the idea, but nothing is really moving me.

There will be no poster board, no monthly index card lists.


Don’t misunderstand me. I have goals, lots of goals.

And plans, lots of plans.

But this year, I am not feeling less of a need to create a strategy – and more of a need to do!


I find my to-do lists get long – and sometimes I spend so much time writing the lists when I could have spent the time crossing some things off.

Just tonight I did three things that took minutes. They have been on my to-do list for over a month.


So there will be still be lists (mostly because my memory is terrible) – but the focus is going to be to DO.

I feel ready and excited to begin 2013 and all it has to hold.

I am ready for changes – even the scary ones.

I saw this, and thought it summed things up pretty well.


So how about you? Are your ready?

P.S. All of these images were taken at my in-laws home in NH – beautiful isn't it?