This post is written as part of my partnership with Command Brand, however all opinions and ideas are my own.
Easy-Halloween-Decorating-Ideas copy Last week, when I shared my Halloween paper medallions I told you we were starting to get our Halloween on and I wasn't kidding. My Sunshine's birthday is the day before Halloween so we are always ready for a Halloween party! Seriously, we have had some great birthday parties over the years. Even though she is getting older and birthdays are a little simpler, we decided that was no excuse not to decorate for a party. And this year, it was so easy thanks to a great new group of party products from Command Brand to make party decorating quick and simple. You already know how much I love Command Brand products and I think you are all going to really love these as well. HalloweenPartyDecorating.jpg To decorate for the party, I started on the table with a run of web-like lace fabric found a few years ago at a fabric store. Then, I alternated some striped placemats to create a runner down the table. HallowenPartyTableSetting.jpg I brought in a bunch of my favorite vintage style decorations to build around a buffet area. Halloween is suppose to be fun so I added lots of plastic spiders around as well. HalloweenPartyTableIdeas_thumb.jpg VintageStyleHalloweenDecorating.jpg We kept things simple to snacks and drinks. How cute are my witch and Supergirl? And I must give them credit because there was not one single eye roll as we took pictures, they really enjoyed themselves. Oh, and Supergirl just printed out the logo and taped it on her t-shirt. She is a clever one. And how cute are the skeleton suspenders Peanut added? HalloweenPartyKids_thumb.jpg Once the table was set, I moved on to decorating the rest of the room. I started on the hutch adding a few accessories and then I created a super simple printable banner. I created it in black and printed it on orange card stock. I will include the link at the end so you can download one for yourself. HalloweenPartyDecoratingIdeas_thumb.jpg I have been known to ruin things by putting tape all over the place for a party. Thanks to Command Brand, that will no longer be a problem. Here is the group of products I used to hang everything. CommandHalloweenPartySupplies.jpg They all use the same basic principals for attaching them. Clean the area you are going to hang them to start. Then remove the blue (or red) liner and attach the tab to the hook or clip. HalloweenPartyIdeas_thumb.jpg Remove the black liner and attach the hook or clip to your location and hold in place for 30 seconds. DecoratingEasyHalloweenParty_thumb.jpg The balloon bunchers are simply brilliant. The only difference here is you group your balloons on to the buncher first, then attach it to the wall or cabinet. No more trying to get balloons on the wall. I hung them across the top of our hutch with several of them grouped together. EasywaytohangBalloons_thumb.jpg For hanging decorations from the ceiling, or in my case, hanging paper medallions from the window frame, use the Command Ceiling Hooks. I wanted to create a layered look, so I also used Command Banner Anchors on the front of the window frame. HalloweenPaperMedallions.jpg To hang the banners, I used my favorite mini spring clips. HallowenPartyBanner.jpg From start to finish, this Halloween party was really quick and easy to set up and clean up. And all of these same ideas could be used for any type of party. TeenHalloweenParty_thumb.jpg

To print your own Halloween banner, click here to download the files.

And since you often have questions about items in the pictures, I thought I would share sources, or similar sources, if you would like to create a similar look.

Command Brand Balloon Bunchers

Command Brand Ceiling Hooks

Command Brand Banner Anchors

Command Brand Mini Spring Clips

Halloween Dish Towel

Halloween Web Lace Tablecloth

Halloween Party Hats

Halloween Cat Wands

Halloween Tree

Orange Polka Dot Balloons

Black Balloons

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Thanks so much for reading! Newpostsignature_thumb.jpg Disclosure: This post was written in partnership as part of my partnership with Command Brand. However, all opinions and ideas are my own. Additionally, some of the links contain affiliate links.
October 13, 2014 — Laura Putnam