Last week I did a presentation to a repeat client of mine. They are the ideal clients because they respond and they do what you recommend. Of course, we will make a few tweaks and changes as we go, but when I spoke to them yesterday they had already bought the paint and are moving along. I thought I would share with you the client presentation that I gave them. Here are the boards for the living room: soccer and tashman presentation 060 - Copy As much as I would like to be, I am not an artist. Especially when it comes to drawing the proper perspective. The way I did these drawing was to print out a photo of the room from different angles to a full page size. Then I used my light box, traced the elements that were staying (the sofas are being replaced, but staying in same place) and the fireplace. Then I was able to trace the wall and ceiling angles and windows. Then I was able to sketch in the elements that I was adding. Normally I do a scale overhead map of a room. However, the layout of this room was staying the same, we were just replacing and adding new elements. soccer and tashman presentation 066 Again, these are far from perfect drawings, but they give a good feeling for the changes we were making in the space. It also really helped me in the process. The one wall over the couches is so big and right what you see when you walk in. I worked so many different options before I came to the suggestion that I made. soccer and tashman presentation 067 If you have been trying to figure out what to do with a wall space or a part of a room, this is a good way to work with it without making a changes you don’t like! This is a small mock up of the wallpaper panels we are going to be putting on that large wall. We will also be hanging mirrors over the top of it. It will not be this paper, but the one pictured above that was a brown with a cream crewel pattern (love!). And I am so excited because they want to go forward with it! soccer and tashman presentation 075 These are the presentation boards for the bedroom. This project was meant to be a “design on a dime”, so there are a lot of DIY projects for the clients, and for me! soccer and tashman presentation 069 I am looking forward to showing you pictures as we move forward with this project. My girls are home from school today so we are off to one of our favorite treasure hunting excursions -



Don’t you just love a bargain? I have been shopping here for about 16 years. It used to be only when my I visited my MA friends. Now, we have 3 within an hours drive. It is always an excursion. And for those of you don’t know, it is not just Christmas stuff. It is all kinds of stuff for really great prices! This time we will also hit IKEA for M to start getting room ideas and of course, Trader Joes. Woo Hoo!!!!!!

November 02, 2010 — Laura Putnam