I already shared with you my blog design company – Reni from Bliss & Tell Branding and how happy I was with the new logo and blog design she provided for me.

I also shared about the talented illustrator who worked with Reni to design my logo.

But how did I get from there to here?

Creative Kristi

Well, first I made a few wrong turns (I will blog on my lessons learned soon!) but then I got on course and I found / met…

I met Kristi at the Haven Conference. We actually ended up at dinner together the first night and spoke a little bit. Okay, the truth is I was complaining about my blog being “broken”. Kristi mentioned that she was a blog designer and programmer at the time but I really didn’t think it was appropriate to bombard her at dinner!

I was excited to attend her presentation the next day. Her presentation instantly showcased her personality, kindness and her incredible ability. She actually fixed one blogger’s problem right there during the session – something she had been trying to get her designer to fix for months. She is self taught and has a natural ability and interest in all of the technical and design elements of blogs that make my head hurt.

I was able to speak to her after her presentation and then we were in touch after we returned home. The first thing Kristi did was to put me on the Genesis Platform. From there she went through and customized my elements to fit my design.

I also found that I was looking at my blog like I do a room that I decorate. After it is “finished” I still “schooch” here and I “schooch” there. Kristi has been infinitely patient with my long lists of “skooches”.

One night, while on Skype, she even made a few changes live so I could view them and give feedback.

She made me infinitely happy and I keep telling her I am so thankful that she uses her powers for good and not evil!

Kristi has programmed my blog so that it is exactly the way I want it (okay, I may “schooch” a little from time to time!) without me ever feeling like I was a nuisance. If she didn’t readily know how to change something, she figured it out. She also designed custom elements such as my social icons that pulled everything together.

Oh, and to top it off, she is very reasonably priced. She believes blog design should be accessible.

Kristi also believes in empowering bloggers to understand the back side of their blog and has taught me so much about my blog and the business of blogging.

Unfortunately, I have learned that choosing the wrong blog programmer / designer is a very dangerous (and costly) mistake. Although I did not use Kristi for my overall design, my experience has shown that she would be very easy to work with in creating a new look for your blog and I know for sure she is incredibly talented and capable in blog programming.

I highly recommend contacting Kristi if you are looking at blog changes, big or small.

Oh, and did I mention that she is sweet, cute and funny too!