I do not like to go away and have things unfinished. So, I am packed and ready to go, but there is one bit of unfinished business. I had planned to take really beautiful and staged pictures of the finds I had at auction and a yard sale last week. But time just got away and weather did not permit. So that it doesn’t go unshared, I thought I would quickly show you some very unstaged pictures, taken with a flash with my point and shoot because my good camera is already packed. So here you go…

This bowl is actually for my mother-in-law, she has a lot of pieces to this collection. I am thinking of trying to make a centerpiece out of it for her.

November auction 001

I found another box of some fun pewter pieces.

November auction 002

Not my style, but I have a really fun idea for this little house.

November auction 003

Some hardware and handles and quite a bit of silver plate which I have some more fun ideas for…

November auction 004

November auction 005

November auction 006

This jewelry is mostly junk, but there is actually some really cool stuff in there that with a little tweaking, I might actually wear. Stay tuned..Also, there as some great clips that they referred to as belt buckles but I think they might actually be for scarves. I am thinking there might be some ornament projects in there… And then a box of old books.

November auction 007

November auction 008

4 great old shutters…

garage clean up yard sale 026

The fan and enamelware teapot…

garage clean up yard sale 035

A great old clock that she says still works but I have not tried yet.

garage clean up yard sale 043

Three nice smaller sized washboards.

garage clean up yard sale 044

I always forget what those wooden things are called and what I thought was a nice old silver plate tray. Funny thing is it says Pottery Barn on the back.

garage clean up yard sale 049

A fun sign and a small ladder.

garage clean up yard sale 056

A nice small chest that just needs some hardware change-ups.

garage clean up yard sale 058

That is the group, all in all a pretty good week of treasure hunting.

I can’t even believe I am saying this, but I am off to Paris! Bon Jour!

November 19, 2010 — Laura Putnam