A Summer Before and After

I know, I haven’t really been around much.

Sorry about that.

Between my eye issues, end of the school year stuff, softball games, and the start of summer, my lovely little blog had to take a back seat.

We are gearing up for the 4th and we are officially ready for summer, so I thought I would share a true Summer Before and After for you.

June, lots of stuff 154 bailey before

June, lots of stuff 163 bailey after

Hee hee.

Bailey got her summer cut!

So, I am sorry if I have neglected you all a bit, but there are a lot of projects in the hopper, including a real big one!

So, I send you on your holiday weekend wishing you all the best!

God Bless America!

June, lots of stuff 164 bailey 4th

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist!

Take care,