A few weeks ago I wrote about this lovely lady that I found in our front yard.

A Nasty Pants Update

Actually, I should clarify, Bailey (our dog) found her and was none too pleased about it.

She was very tiny, malnourished, a bit beat up and down right cranky.

We took her to the vet, got her checked out and took her home.

And fed her.

And fed her.

And fed her.

Who knew a little thing could eat so much.

We never named her, other than to call her Nasty Pants, because I knew once she had a name we were keeping her.

Right now, we are just not set up to take on a new living thing in this house, especially a cat.

We were leaving for vacation and I was unsure what to do.

The lovely lady at the front desk of the vet called me and said if I wasn’t going to keep her, she would foster her until she found a home.

A Nasty Pants Update

I am telling you there was no emotional connection in this process, from me anyway.

Until, that last day. Okay, I waited one more day to take her in, just to be sure. But I knew it was the right thing to do.

And so, we brought her in and it sucked, plain and simple.

And in the last minute I broke and told her that if when we got back from vacation she still had her, we would take her back and keep her.

On a side note, don’t ever take your children to the grocery store right after returning the kitten they found, you will buy pretty much anything they ask for including Pop Tarts and a blow up dolphin and seal for the pool. Consider yourself warned if this ever happens to you.

A Nasty Pants Update

So, you can image, by about day 5 of our vacation the girls started talking about how they couldn’t wait to call the vet and see if the kitten was still there.

7:00 am Monday morning, after a Sunday night return, Peanut was in my room, “Mom did you call the lady at the vet yet?”.

I was smart enough to call in another room, and not until 9:00 by the way.

When the lady answered, she said “Oh, hold on, I have been wanting to talk to you”.

Oh, crap.

You see, the attachment had worn off and I was glad we were holding off on getting a cat for now.

I was fairly certain she was getting back on to tell me to come get the cat.

Instead, she told me this story.

Turns out she was keeping her at the office and while everyone thought she was so cute, they couldn’t take her home.

Then a Mom came in with their Golden Retriever and two little boys.

Turns out they had just put their cat down the previous month and decided to take her home.

Then, turns out their Golden was quite and ill and had to be put down later that week.

This family lost their cat and their dog all in the same month.

Seems like Nasty Pants is in a good home, where she is suppose to be and will receive lots of love.

Except now, she goes by the name of Marshmallow.

I am still partial to Nasty Pants.

August 26, 2011 — Laura Putnam