Some good things of the day..

We had a two hour delay from the freezing temperatures following all the rain, so we had a nice relaxing morning. This also meant that my gym class was canceled (woo hoo!)

The front yard is a wet mess. You might not think that is a good thing, but it actually means that the drainage system we put in last year is working. The drains are pulling all the rain and melted snow away from our house and towards the road. Which means, knock on wood, so far, our basement is dry! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!

Today, I thought I would share a simple project, our maple mantel.

Try saying that 3 times fast…

Maple Mantel…Maple Mantel….Maple Mantel.

I made some minor adjustments to my Valentine mantel to be more in keeping with the time of year.

A Maple Mantel

I still was enjoying the quiet and simplicity of this display, but knew Valentines was over.

Since this is our season for making maple syrup, I figured that would be a fun direction to go in.

I simply removed the things that screamed Valentine’s and then added a glittered maple leaf and a great metal and rusty maple stencil that I found on Etsy a while back.

Feb and party 020

Feb and party 020

Finding Farm

Sometimes a subtle change is all ‘ya need.

Finding Farm

Thanks for reading and have a great one!

Take care, Laura

March 08, 2011 — Laura Putnam