While I was visiting my friend, Julie, she asked me to put together her mantel for her.

I already shared her guest bedroom and her master bedroom in her beautiful home. I thought today I would show you her mantel.


She has a bookcase next to the fireplace where I helped organize her Dedham Pottery and Hadleyware that she, and her family, have been collecting for years.

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Finding pieces to put on her mantel was easy, Julie has a ton of amazing things in her home. It was just selecting what worked best.

A Mantel For a Friend

I really liked these flower pots, but instead of putting something in them, I layered them upside down to create some height.


I wanted to add a little height. We tried several mirrors, but they were all too tall for the space. The window was above her bed. I didn’t feel safe with the glass, so we moved it down here.

The other side is actually painted white and she had a really pretty piece of wall paper behind it. We turned it around to the brown side and added the fabric. The rest of the room, which I will share soon, is very colorful and we needed to balance that color up here.

I added a few other elements, love the bird picture on burlap, some pinecones, birch branch votives, a glass hurricane with a textured candle and some wine corks and some pinecones. I swiped the red tray off her kitchen table.


I am off to finally get back to working out, it has been three weeks. First, I was sick for a week and then the past two weeks have been canceled because of snow days and 2 hour delays for school.

It just occurred to me this morning, not working out for three weeks could be the reason I have been cranky and hibernating for three weeks! At first, I was dreading going, but now I am beginning to think it is just what I need. Wish me luck, this woman shows no mercy!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

February 03, 2011 — Laura Putnam