So, I have mentioned before that Blondie had the amazing opportunity as a fifth grader to be part of the High School Drama Production of The Wiz. What is she? A Hip-Hop Munchkin of course!

I was initially intimidated with figuring out the costume, the hair, the makeup, but in the end, she loves it and she fits in perfectly with the rest of the Hip-Hop, Nerd and Hippie Munchkins.

Hippie Munchkins

She has been preparing for this for months. We found out together that she is not exactly comfortable putting herself out there, being in front. Maybe if it had been a group of kids she knew better, it may have been different. But over the months, she has gained confidence and comfort with this whole process

Last night, was opening night. My girl did exactly what I have been telling her for weeks.


Ooh, baby, did she shine!


So what is the part about the teenagers?

Initially, I was slightly nervous about her spending all of her time with high school teenagers. We had the talks about language and conversations that she may hear but that doesn’t mean they are appropriate for a ten year old. She mostly just rolled her eyes and “Yes Mom”ed me.

For the first few months, my sister took her to all of the rehearsals because I had a conflict with my other daughter( major thanks to my big sister who once again totally had my back!). So, I didn’t really see the first few months.

However, for the last few weeks I have spend a lot of time with this amazing group.

These kids blow me away.

They have welcomed our little ones, embraced them, encouraged them and cheered them. There are a ton of drama traditions that we were originally not invited to. But, they all changed your minds and genuinely and graciously invited our kids (and their parents) to be part of them.

Don’t even get me started on their talent.

Their capacity for taking on so many elements at once – singing, choreography, acting…they amaze me.

And the teachers, volunteers, advisors to these kids. There aren’t enough words.

And to top it off, there was not a single costume or prop item rented or bought. Everything was built, sewn, thrifted or repurposed.

This show is the ultimate DIY!

So, even though Blondie was exhausted this morning and her ugly head reared, the fact is, there is hope

Not all teenagers are evil.

April 08, 2011 — Laura Putnam