I have brought home a lot of box lots from auctions and estate sales.

And dug through in hopes of finding some sort of fun treasure.

I don’t think I have ever expected to find anything of real monetary value – more “that is so great, look at the old chippy paint”.

But I found my first valuable item, buried in a box.

Buried in this box

Vitnage Christmas Ornaments

As I dug through this box of ornaments, I was feeling a little annoyed with myself.

I had paid way too much for vintage ornaments.

Especially since I may or may not have a huge amount of them in my basement already.

But I broke my own auction rules, and got caught up in the bidding.

Worse than that, I paid too much on a not great box so that I had to pass on the really good box.

Or so I thought.

As I dug through, I found this really heavy and large ornament. It is about 7 inches across.

A Hidden Treasure


I also immediately noticed its brass fitting.

A Hidden Treasure

And then, since it came from a closed down shop, it had a price tag.


I did some research, that is probably high, and I won’t get anything for it unless I find a collector who is interested.

But, it was fun and a little like being on Antique’s Roadshow just the same!

And, it made me feel a little better about over bidding!

Thanks for reading.

August 23, 2012 — Laura Putnam