A fun BHG Swag Bag Giveaway

Today I am sharing about a party I was able to attend, a giveaway for you and how that day went really, really bad.

Last week I had the fun chance to attend an event hosted by Better Homes and Gardens in New York City.

The Best New Product Awards is where, you guessed it, new consumer products are chosen as the best in their category.  There are food products, home products, personal products and beauty products.

(all photos in the post are from ©Avi Gerver Photography)


The event was held as a cocktail party at the Eventi Hotel – you can see me listening very intently on the left in the picture below.  As always, tallest girl around.  The sweet lady with the long hair to my left is Kaelin from BHG and to her left is Jenna from SAS Interiors.


It was a lovely evening and it was nice to meet more of the people from BHG and from the different brands and blogs represented.



Of course you want to know about the giveaway part – but first I have to tell you how I made it all the way there and then almost didn’t make it there at all.

I don’t drive into the city very often – usually my husband does.  Much less stressful that way.

But I was going to a place I had been before and I knew as long as there wasn’t a lot of traffic, it was relatively easy to get there.

And I did.  I got within one block of the hotel nice and early.  Plenty of time to stroll down to the Starbuck and have a cup of coffee.

Except, there was a detour.

That sent me left.

Into the  Lincoln Tunnel.

Back out of the city into New Jersey.

Oh, I hate to admit this, but I don’t do very well with tunnels.  I manage them as a passenger but I haven’t driven through a long one in a very long time.  It was less than enjoyable.

I got through the other side, had no idea where I was, the tunnel was totally backed up going back in the city and my GPS was totally confused.

Thank you Dana for being at home, answering the phone, figuring out where I was and directing me back over the George Washington Bridge a second time and telling me how to get there without all of this happening again.

I still managed to make it on time, enjoy myself and then head home.

With my SWAG bag filled with many of the items that won the awards.


And the best part – they want to give one of the SWAG bags to one of my readers!

Enter below to win – good luck!

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Thanks so much for reading and wishing you a great day!


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92 thoughts on “A fun BHG Swag Bag Giveaway”


  1. This is so exciting!!!!! I would absolutely Love to see “Olay Pro-X Tone Correcting Protocol” as I have a lot of dark spots that age me beyond my years….. UGH! Then sitting back back, munching on some SeaPak Shrimp Spring Rolls… Not a bad day at all!♥

  2. Awesome giveaway! I’m hoping there is some Olay Total Effects Moisturizer + Serum Duo – this winter has taken it’s toll!

  3. So happy you made it to the event. I’m the same way when it comes to tunnels I have to be in the right hand lane and I sing my way through. My husband thinks I’m a hoot . I’m a product junkie so I would love to see any of the beauty products in the bag especially the Olay ProX Tone Corrector. I have found now that I’m nearing 45 my face needs a little something and that may do the trick.

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I am a small town girl for sure! Like going to events in larger cities, but it’s so nice to be back home!

  5. Thank you for the giveaway. I am hoping there are some great finds to help get ready for Spring in the bag. We all need a little bit of sunshine in our life. Maybe nail polish in spring colors, sunscreen etc.

  6. I can totally relate to your driving dilemma in the city, I HATE driving in NYC! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. The driving story totally sounds like something that would happen to me! Luckily I’ve never had to drive into the city alone. I would have freaked! Thanks for the chance to win the swag bag. Love your blog!

  8. Thanks for this opportunity!
    I’m right there with everyone else who said that your driving “experience” could have been theirs! I’m exactly the same and couldn’t live without the Google Maps app…. although you’re right, GPS can’t always help us the way a real person can. 🙂

  9. That would be a nightmare, Laura. I can’t imagine me driving in or even around NYC. I’d be a wreck! I’m glad you had a friend to guide you safely to your destination and enjoyed the event. Have a great week.

  10. I hope there are some great home products in that bag! I agree with Pamela, any NY driving experience would be a total nightmare for me!

  11. Laura.
    you are lucky your long distance co-pilot was available. Nice save. The worst place I was lost was Chicago.

    It sounds funny but I hope the Cascade Pemium is in the swag bag because even with a great dishwasher you need a great cleaner.


  12. Laura thank you for the giveaway. Sounds like I would be a nervous wreck driving around New York City!
    I would love to see the Olay products in my bag for sure. I need help in the skincare department and need to try something different. Thanks again for the wonderful giveaway.

  13. A great mix of the health and beauty products. I would love to see a post on which you think are outstanding.

  14. I bought a condo recently and would love to see and try new cleaning products. I am really into cleaning and organizing right now. Good luck to everyone!

  15. I’m always the tallest, too. How tall are you? I’m 5′ 11″, I’ve begun shrining at the ripe old age fo 57, lol!
    Hope I win.

  16. Girl…. I’m so glad you made it!!! That kind of driving stresses me out!!!! I would like the Olay pro x tone corrector and the bare minerals corrector. I couldn’t just pick one… Ha!!! Are you going to do a blog follow along showing h
    The progress of your favorite beauty item?? Would love to see the results on a real person in real time. Thanks for the giveaway!!!
    Shannon M.

  17. I am so with ya. I would not do well driving in a big city.. So glad you found your way back to the party. Thanks for the fab giveaway. I think Olay products would be great. Starting to notice the wrinkles around my eyes and dark circles.

  18. I get totally freaked out when I get lost in a city! I’m glad you were able to reach your destination safely! I am hoping for hair care products in the bag. My hair is so pitiful now that winter is nearly over. I need all the help I can get! LOL – Karen

  19. Looks like some wonderful new products that I would love to try. So sorry about your trauma getting there.

  20. “Best Of” products — of any sort — would be so fun to try out. Especially if they’re things you wouldn’t normally purchase for yourself.

  21. I hope the Marc Jacobs Lash Lifter Gel Volume Mascara and bareMinerals Correcting Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 are in the bag.

  22. I’m really not picky. I would love to try any of the products, especially any of the beauty products. I particularly love the Oil of Olay line of products.

  23. Love your blog and hope to be a winner of the bhg giveaway……missed out on the beautiful dishes from Walmart this past Christmas….hope the come out with even better patterns this year.

  24. this totally sounds like something that would happen to me driving!!! i would welcome this bag because i know how far away it came from and hard it was to retrieve it !!!!

  25. I would love to try the Olay moisturizer with SPF. I have sensitive skin, so this would be great to try!

  26. Oh, I like trying new things, but not getting lost! I’d love to try the Olay products or whatever fun surprises.

  27. Any of the dog products would be very welcome – we have three dogs, a black lab, a Yorkie & a golden retreiver mutt.

  28. any of the beauty items would be fun,especially. 🙂

    Best New Concealer

    bareMinerals Correcting Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 20

  29. I can say from personal experience that the Clinical Strength deodorant is amazing. I haven’t tried the stress response variety yet, but that would be awesome!

  30. The Milk Bone treats, the Charmin. the Palmolive . sun chips…. I’d be happy with lots of it! As would any of us! Thank you for offering it to us!

  31. Great give away. It’s always nice to try new things and the surprise of what they will be is intriguing too. I would like to try some of the new household products. Especially the OxiClean 2in1 Stain Fighter plus Color Safe Brightener. I was just telling my husband that I need to try a new one because I’ve noticed some stains left behind with my old stain remove and I love OxiClean. 🙂

  32. don’t feel bad, I have to have directions printed
    for returning home as I can’t seem to master my right from my left:)

  33. Crossing fingers, hoping for the BareMinerals Correcting Concealer!!!! TY so much for the chance…and you are one brave woman for driving alone in the city…I would need 2 Xanax lol

  34. I would LOVE, Love, love to try the face serum, and the Marc Jacobs mascara what a FANCY treat!!! and all of the other items would be icing on top! Thanks for the awesome chances at this giveaway!

  35. Oh my goodness girl, the Lincoln tunnel! I’ve done that once and it was quite a harrowing feat! I’m glad you made it there in one piece. 😉 I’d say I’m most looking forward to the beauty products – we use a lot of those!

  36. SO fun and glad you made it safe!! I hated driving when we lived in Chicago so I feel your pain, ack makes my stomach churn just thinking about it. I’m a sucker for beauty products so any of those would be great, love this giveaway!

  37. Love your blog Laura — been following for awhile — i almost had a panic attack reading your adventure! thanks for giveaway! Spring has sprung! : )