Raise your hand that despite the fact that succulents are supposed to be hard to kill, you do it anyway? It is true, I have done it many times. So, I decided to find a way around it and make my own with a wood slice faux succulent wreath.

Materials Needed: -Wreath Base -Ribbon -Faux Succulents (I found mine at Michael’s Craft Stores) - Wood slices (we cut ours from branches in the yard, but they sell them at Micheal’s as well. You can see our other wood slice projects here.) - Hot Glue To start with, here is how I made the rosettes: It is just a layering of similar size slices and connecting them with hot glue. Starting with one (step 1), layer on five (step 2) and then layer on four (step 3). For step four, cut them in half using a pair of scissors. It helps to follow the grain of the wood. Hold them in place at an angle until the glue dries and it stays in place. For the final step (step 5), fill it in with smaller slices to make the center of the rosette.

Tip one – I was a little heavy on the glue and so you could see some if later. Next time, I would be a little lighter handed with the glue. Tip Two – If you are going to put this wreath outside, don’t use hot glue as it will not hold up in the sun. Use an outdoor safe glue and prop up each layer as it dries. I used just half slices and small slices for the smaller rosette.

This is what they look like up close on the wreath. Wood-Faux-Succulents To assemble your wreath, start with your wreath base. I chose one that was already partially covered in moss.

Fold over your layers of ribbon and blue them in place.

Thread the succulents into the wreath directly and secure with a spot of glue if necessary.

For the final step, glue the the wooden succulents in place. Use a piece of wire or ribbon at the top of your wreath to hang it place.

Originally, when I started making the wood rosettes I was imagining them as flowers. I think I love them a million times more as a faux succulent. What do you think?

And the wood slice and burlap wreath that started it all.

WoodandBurlapFallWreath thumb Wood & Burlap Natural Fall Wreath

Thanks so much for reading and wishing you a great day..


June 09, 2014 — Anil Sharma