Today is a fun day around these parts. Today is all about "Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue"! Not only am I sharing my fun project, a DIY solar paper lantern, but I am also sharing links to 110 other red, white and blue themed projects. Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue final logo (2) Abbey, from The Cards We Drew is so on-it, that she organized 100 blogger projects in one place all at the same time! And if this is your first time visiting here, welcome! I am so glad you came by. Now lets get to the project... I am all about simple and quick ideas. My favorite are 10 minute decorating ideas, and this one falls right into that category. Our screened porch and backyard are where we live all summer. My goal is for the outside to be as comfortable and inviting as the inside of my home. Inside my home, I am always turning on dimmed lights and lamps in all the rooms so that they are welcoming. Last year, I added solar mason jars to our patio area to create the same feel outside. And, this year, I added solar paper lanterns. I first saw these on a flash sale site and I knew they would be perfect for summer parties. Then I saw the price and I was blown over with how expensive they were. I knew I could recreate them with a few dollars and a few minutes.And of course, I made them red, white and blue for today's fun party. Materials Needed: - Paper Lanterns. I had these, but you can find similar ones here - but any type will do. Depending on the style, they can be less than a dollar like these. The fun shape of these might be what I try next. - Washi tape to decorate the lantern. I found the "plastic" style held better than the paper style. However, with a little dab of glue, any of them will hold. You can find similar styles here, here and here. - Inexpensive landscape solar lights. I found mine at Target. You can find them online here. The best part is they are only $2.00. - Thin wire - Scissors, and if they are cute, even better - Duct tape (not pictured) -Ribbon for hanging lanterns (some links include affiliates)

Step 1
Remove the top of the solar light from the stem - it should slide right off. Wrap the wire around the light and secure it in place with the duct tape. Then loop the wire around the top of the lantern frame. Make sure you hang it towards the top so it can still receive sunlight to "charge".

Step 2
Open your lantern and secure it with the frame. Run strips of washi tape of your choice down the sides of the lantern and secure them in place.

Step 3

Decide where you want your lanterns to be hung during your celebration. I ran a wire between our house and our screened porch and hung them there for a party last weekend. However, they can be used almost anywhere. They would be beautiful clustered in trees, inside a front porch or under patio umbrellas. If they are getting sunlight where you are hanging them, you can just hang them and wait till it gets dark. If not, just leave them in the sun during the day and tuck them in for an evening party. The only draw back with these is that they are paper. They do need to be brought inside for inclement weather. The good news, is they fold up really easily and can be put away for next time. I also found the washi tape came off easily so I could change out the colors for next time.

I told you it was super easy! Now it is is time to be inspired with all of the other red, white and blue projects! Thanks so much for stopping by and wishing you a great day! Newpostsignature.jpg