Warm Weather Outdoor Decorating Ideas

 I actually opened windows in my house today. And it was glorious. Tomorrow, though it is going to be cold again. But that is okay. I just needed a taste to start. To start thinking and planning for new ideas for outdoor decorating. So, I thought, just in case you might be in the same frame of mind, I would share some of my favorite outdoor projects. Starting with one of my all time favs, our Kitchen Herb Garden.  If you don't feel like planting, serve yourself something cold from a beverage bar built from an old door.  Or you could light your way with a vintage wicker chandelier  Or, you could decorate an outdoor space perfect for your tweens and your teens..in a playhouse.  Or create an outdoor oasis for the end of the day...a backyard retreat  But my most favorite space of all is our screened porch. findinghomescreendporch2_thumb.jpg And heading out to our garden, we love our vintage silverware whirligig Silverwarewhirlygig1.jpg And you can never go wrong with a windmill.. IMG_2606_thumb.jpg We can hold on, we can make it till it stays warm! In the meantime, we can just dream.. Wishing you a day full of grace and thank you so much for reading. postsignature.png