Vintage-Door-Garden-Tool-Gallery-Wall I am at it again. I can't help but work on projects with vintage doors. This door used to house a plate wall, but I have been finding myself drawn to vintage garden tools lately and before I knew it, I had a collection. I piled them on this little green table one day to figure out where I was going to put them, and then it dawned on me - a vintage tool gallery wall right on the door already hanging in my dining room. Vintage-Garden-Vignette It was fairly simple to put together. I tapped in nails in a random pattern and tied some twine around the neck of the tools. I arranged them on the door and left room to add more in as I found more things of interest. On the green table I added a potted herb, a stack of ironstone plates, an herb candle, some fresh flowers and my vintage miniature windmill. I gathered them all in our vintage berry basket and placed them on the green table in front. Summer-Copper-Lilac-Centerpiece Since I was feeling all "gardeny", I went ahead and added some more lilacs to a vintage copper pitcher I just found at a yard sale. I was on the fence when I first picked it up, but now I am so glad I bought it. I just love it and I am smitten with the contrast with the galvanized. Vintage-Garden-Gallery-Wall-on-a-Vintage-Door I also had a vintage flower sign that I hung at the top and because I am always sentimental, I hung my grandfather's cap on the corner of the door. I am excited to be on the hunt now for more vintage garden themed pieces to add to the collection. Dining-Room-Gallery-Wall-Vintage-Garden-Door While I was working on the vintage garden tool gallery wall, I also did some updating and changing up of things in the rest of the dining room. You can get all the details along with some more information on the gallery wall in the video below that I created with Wayfair.

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Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 3.20.53 PM Thanks so much for reading and watching! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1