Farmhouse-Laundry-Room This is the highest traffic room in our house. It is our mudroom, it is our laundry room, it is our main entrance for the day to day. The dogs are fed here, the mail is piled here, the coats and bags are hung here and the stains are soaked here. The paint brushes are washed, the forms are signed and the letters are stamped all in this room. That is a lot to ask of one little room. I am thankful for the burden that it takes off the rest of the house. It takes a hit in the day to day living and so it doesn't often get shared here. But today, our mudroom is wearing its Sunday best and I am sharing some updates we have made to make it work better in here. Vintage-Laundry-Room I am not going to deny that one of the biggest "updates" that we made is to just sort through all that had piled up. Running our business out of our home doubles the amount of packages and mail, etc. that come through and need sorting. So, we just did a major clean up and overhaul to get things started. Mudroom-Desk There are a lot of things I am good at. Keeping up with the laundry is not one of them. If the truth is to be told, Dana does most of the laundry around here. He gets up early and keeps it moving through, but I think he is kind of over it at this point. So, we are all trying to step up a little bit more and share the responsibilities. See that cart in the photo below? It is our new best friend. Clean laundry goes right in there from the dryer and wheeled away to be folded and sorted. We are about a month or so with using it and really does seem to be working. I just wish it would do the folding as well. To find it, click here. Laundry-Room-Decorating To see the rest of the room and my other tips for keeping things organized in this space, you can watch the video below that I made with Wayfair.

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A Laundry and Mudroom Refresh
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