A few years ago I began hearing stories of someone named Cooper Boone. We almost met several times but it just never came together. Then, while showing at at trade show in NYC, he walked right into our booth. He just wanted to let us know what he really liked the way our booth looked and our products, but he was only shopping for local products. With that, I looked at his tag and informed him we were mere miles away from his shop, Foundry 42. From that moment a friendship was born. A friendship that is filled with kindness, collaboration, creativity and support.

Last year Cooper came to me and said he wanted to work together on a candle that had a scent that would connect to the description of Flannel. At the time he was starting a new and beautiful journey, 301 Clove. He and his husband Mark, along with their amazing young daughters are bringing a 184 year old farm back to life. We began working together to develop a candle that would remind us of the texture, warmth and comfort of flannel.

On their farm there are horses, a donkey who came as a partner to one of the horses, sheep, cats and rumors of ducks and chickens in the future. But 301 Clove is about more than the animals. It is about open space, quiet moments and growing core values as a family like hard work and responsibilities.

Shortly after their farm journey started, COVID took hold of all of our world and Cooper and Mark found themselves growing roots faster and deeper to the farm as it became their safe place. Cooper and Mark have accomplished many things separately and now they are learning to grow together and trust each other as they grow their farm together. Many of the animals on the farm are rescues, but the farm and the animals together are providing refuge and comfort in return for their family.

We spent a day together at their farm recently, along with our amazingly talented friend Erin Witkowski, so that we could share their beautiful farm and give you a sense of what inspired the Flannel Candle.

The notes of this candle are Amber, Citron and Oak. There is a masculine feel with a slight hint of the amber sweetness behind it. The citron is not a traditional citrus scent but an herby, leafy scent that balances to a crisp and clean scent and finishes off with woodiness of the oak.

It is the perfect candle to burn to create a slightly rustic and welcoming atmosphere where you might just want to wrap up in a blanket.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have developed this truly special candle and to share the story of 301 Clove. When I asked Cooper what he sees next for the farm his answer was he didn't know and that was exactly how he wants it. One day at a time and enjoying it as it comes. Erin once said that when you visit 301 Clove you come in pieces but leave in peace. I think she said it quite perfectly.

Click HERE to enjoy the Flannel candle for yourself.