A Shared Love for All Things Lavender

Mother Nature plays a very important role for us here at Finding Home Farms and plays an equally vital role for our newest friend, Lady Lavender. Better know as Betty Lovett, Lady Lavender recently came into our lives through a mutual friend, our photographer extraordinaire, Erin Witkowski. Not only do Betty and I share some common friends, we share a love and passion for all things gardening, animals, self-care, and you guessed it, all things lavender.

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Lavender Soy Candles & More

Now, as you may know, one of my all-time favorite scents and certainly one of my favorite soy candles that we produce, is our Shine Collection Lavender. Our lavender soy candle is made from 100% soy wax with no added blends or scents. This 13 oz floral scented candle will surely have you feeling refreshed, especially as we head into the Spring months. Its pure ingredients are as pure as the fragrance it creates, which is exactly how we feel about Betty.

We had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Betty these last few weeks and simply said, she is a breathe of fresh air, or better yet, a breathe of fresh lavender. Her passion for her family, her business, and her overall energy is as invigorating as the lavender products she produces.

Betty and her husband happen to be not too distant neighbors. Right down the road from our Sugarhouse, their family owns and lives in Port Jervis at what they call, Stonehouse Farms. They operate the farm as a family where they raise and take care of chickens, pigs, ducks, goats, and bees. Their primary focus and source of business on the farm though is their organic lavender.

From lavender lotions, to lavender soaps, to lavender lemon verbena sugar, Betty has created not only a fantastic product line, but she has done it in a way that is humble, gracious, and with gratitude towards Mother Nature.

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Stonehouse Farms - Orange County, NY
Lady Lavender

As you can see from the beautiful imagery, she is a mom at heart and a woman who has made it part of her business to use the principles known as permaculture. At its roots, this means acting in a sustainable manner. She knows what Mother Nature has provided for her and she does her best to run her business in a way that is beneficial to all things around her, especially her crops, her family, and for her customers.

We hope this feature has provided some positivity as the last twelve months have been pretty much everything but. It is our goal over the course of this year, to put the spot light on people who are truly shining, and in this case with Betty, showcase her uplifting spirit that ties perfectly into her organic lavender farm. And who knows, maybe we'll be so lucky to carry some of her lavender offerings at the Sugarhouse store so we can pair them with our lavender soy candle 😉 💜

Shine Collection Soy Candles - Finding Home Farms of Hudson Valley
April 06, 2021 — Laura Putnam