Meant to be.

These are the words that keep going through my mind.

Every interaction – every person in our lives has a purpose.

Each meeting, word or action is part of our story each day.

We all have a purpose in this life.

And each of us impact the lives around us each and every day – sometimes in small ways, sometimes in big ways and sometimes in ways we will never know.

Today, along with a fabulous team – I am launching a new project about just that.

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It is about taking the time in our busy lives – especially at the Holidays to stop.

Stop to tell the people in our lives how they have changed our lives for the better –

because knowing the impact you have made on the world can be…

The Greatest Gift.

Will you join us?


Greatest Gift Project


This project is not about decorating, or crafts or DIY.

It is not about the "business of blogging".

It is about taking the time to try on focus on what and who are important in our lives.

Greatest Gift Project
November 15, 2012 — Laura Putnam