No, I am not sliding across the floor in my Ray-Bans, underwear and button up white shirt. But maybe I should be?

I would like an answer to a question.

When exactly did a 90 year old woman move into my body?


Seriously, when did I become so cautious and unwilling to take risks?

Somewhere along the way, it happened. Somewhere along the way making the simplest of decisions began to take a lot of time and deliberation.

I have a dear friend who has always amazed me with her ability to make really big decisions and take the “riskier” side of the equation. I think I need a little bit of that in my life right now.

Since the beginning of this year, I have been feeling the need to “shake things up a little bit”. I have been feeling like it is time to take some risks.

But, as I sat and drank my coffee the other morning I realized that I was actually waiting for everyone around me to take a risk – and I would go with them.


Well that is not very risky at all is it?

And the other thing I realized over that very powerful cup of coffee two mornings ago – I have been living in a fog. I have been neglecting the basics of things and I haven’t even been aware of it.

I have been waiting on some decisions we have been needing to make as a family and I just sort of put everything on hold.

I have been doing the absolute bare minimum in maintaining our house – and I didn’t even realize it. The simple habits I have always have of leaving things a certain way each night to wake up to an organized home have fallen to the wayside. And guess what happens when Momma stops being particular about how the house is kept? Yup, it all goes down hill.

I had a coffee table project sitting at the entrance to our living room for two weeks. Several times I went to go in there and just turned and walked away.


Well that is not a way to live in a home.

And I also realized that I have been so focused on what is on the other side of the camera. Trying to put together a project, photograph it, tell you about it. I have worked really hard to make this blog a place where you would like to be and feel welcomed and hopefully inspired.

But that seems hypocritical to me. How can I tell you about decorating a home when I am just moving through mine in a fog?

Ha, I think my tagline is more accurate than I realized. Lately, our home has been "a reflection of ourselves and our family". But not in the good way!

Well, there is nothing like hosting Easter dinner for 22 to get you moving. Seriously, a party is always the best motivator for a clean house!

And so we all dug in and got it clean (okay, my bedroom is still a work in progress!). And it feels really really good. I feel like I just fell in love with my house all over again this week. I feel like I am coming out of my fog.


And we are prepping for a big purge. A huge purge. There is a really big yard sale in our future. Locals, get ready!

As the tag line says, this is the story of the journey we are on – and what we find along the way. And at this point in the journey I am ready to shake things up – start living simpler, but with a side of “risk”. To start living on both sides of the camera.

Now, don’t worry, I am not going to jump out of plane. I can’t even hardly handle riding in a small plane – adult onset of claustrophobia. Again, an indicator of the 90 year woman living in my body.


I am taking one big risk next week.

I am going to the SNAP Conference. Now going to a conference really isn’t a risk. But traveling on my own and being away from my family for what will end up being five days is very uncomfortable for me. Even typing those words I realized my heart rate sped up. Back in the day, I traveled a lot and even traveled to Europe and Asia for work. But 12 years as a SAHM takes that out of you.

Last year, I went to the Haven conference and was blessed to meet these lovely ladies that were my companions for the conference and now I can call them my dear friends. But that was in Atlanta – the same coast as my own. I hadn’t really thought through the travel time to get all the way to Utah and how that would affect my amount of time away.

And I do know a few acquaintances who are going, but I don’t really have any “peeps”. But I think as challenging as next week will be for me, it is just what I need. I need to be uncomfortable because that is when we grow the most.


So, if you are still here, thanks for reading! It was a long one today!

How about you, do feel sometimes you are living life a little too safe?

Oh, any of you fellow bloggers going to SNAP?

postsignature_thumb.pngP.S. As I was finishing up this post, my Hubby called and said almost the exact same words to me that I just wrote here without knowing anything about this post. Giddy up people, 2013 might just be amazing!

P.P.S. And speaking of new things - I am super excited to announce that I have been invited to participate for 6 weeks in the Monday Funday link party along with Uncommon Designs, C.R.A.F.T., Lines Across, That's What Che Said and Creatively Living. So get your projects ready and come by to link up on Monday!

April 05, 2013 — Laura Putnam