Spindle-and-Railing-Candleholders I will admit it. There are a few piles of items discreetly tucked away around my property, waiting to be repurposed. There is a pile of white picket fences waiting for a host of fun projects. There is a stack of old wood beautifully weathering, waiting to built into a treasure. And there is a stack of railings and spindles that were just waiting to reach their destiny as spindle and railing candlesticks. Actually, we used them once before when we built our vintage door beverage station and you might even remember when we removed them when we completed our front porch makeover. Porch-Decorating-Ideas And the best part is that this was a super simple project. Materials Needed: (links are affiliate links) Scrap spindles and pieces of railing (new could be used if you didn’t have some already)_ Miter Box or Chopsaw – Chopsaws are quick and easy but a miter box like this one is my constant go to. 7/8” inch bit – we used Irwin Tri-Flute 7/8” inch bit Glue – I used Loctite GO2 Glue and it worked pretty easily and it is water and temperature resistance which is great if you want to use them outside. Paint – I used Annie Sloan in Provence Candles of your choice 

Step 1 – use your miter box or chop saw to cut spindles and sections of railing down to desired sizes. Step 2 – Have one person steady the spindle (or use a vice) and use your drill and bit to drill a hole for the candle to set. It actually was much easier than either of us expected. We went in about 1 inch. Note – probably not the best idea to do it in your kitchen – I just get an idea sometimes and need to do it right now!

Step 3 – Use your glue and glue the spindle to the railing base and let it dry according to the directions. Step 4 – Paint the spindles in your desired color and you are done!

It only seemed fitting to put them on the front porch, where they came from. But once we have the screened porch set up again for the season, I will put them out there.

Now if I could just come up with a project to do with the pile of picket fences! Thank you for reading and wishing you a day filled with grace! Laura