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Sometimes, I get a little overwhelmed. This little desk handles a whole of business and blog related stuff. But then, there are the softball calendars, and getting hair appointments scheduled for the upcoming formal dance, ordering groceries (greatest invention ever!), school papers to be signed, high school schedules to be selected (ack!) and the list goes on and on. And I am pretty sure I am not alone with this. But the most overwhelming thing of all, is when my to-do list gets lost and buried in all of the piles. That my friend is when deadlines are missed, phone calls are not returned and papers are not turned in. I recently figured out a new trick for keeping my office organized and it seems to really be helping – so I thought I would share it with you today.


And truly, it could not be simpler. Of course, I also like it to look pretty. Here is what you need: Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol Clipboards (just make sure they are not heavy ones, less that 1/2 pound) Scotch® Expressions Masking Tapes in desired colors or patterns Command™ Brand Clear Utensil Hooks ( I used three in total) Step One – Simply decorate your clipboards using the tape. Decorating-Clipboard Step Two – Attach the utensil hooks Hanging-Clipboards Clean the area you will be hanging the clips with isopropyl rubbing alcohol Remove the Command™ Brand Clear Utensil Hooks from the package and detach the strips from one another. Start by removing the blue liner strip and apply it to the hook, with the tab facing downwards. Then remove the black liner and attach the hook to the wall. Hold it in place firmly for 30 seconds. Now, you just need to wait one hour before using the hooks. Step Three – Print your to-do list – and I threw in a little inspirational art – and hang them on your clipboards. When you need to add something, or better yet, cross something off the list, it is right there, visible – instead of being buried in a pile of papers. And it is super easy to lift it off and put it back on the hooks. 6-Hang-Clipboards-on-Hooks And when it all gets overwhelming, remember – start where you are, use what you have, do what you can. And that is all you can do. Inspiration-art And the bonus – having the to-do list more accessible leads me to crossing more things off – which somehow leads to my desk staying neater. Keeping-yourself-Organized I told you it was my best trick to staying organized. And of course, I couldn’t stop there…I found that hanging another hook on my lockers was the perfect place to hang my headphones. They are perfect when I am watching a video and hubby doesn’t want to hear it. Organizing-Home-Office And now that the piles are down, there is more room for pretty accessories to write down all my new plans. Office-Accessories And of course, I like to share – so if you would like to print these out to use in your home or office, click on the image below. Office-Organization-Printables Happy organizing and I wish you a day filled with grace! Take care, Laura This post was sponsored by Command Brand as part of our relationship as a Brand Ambassador. All ideas and opinions are my own.