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Outdoor Christmas Decorating

I just couldn’t seem to help myself. I enjoyed all of the reds and evergreens mixed with black and white inside my home, I had to bring it outside too.

A while back, I made this sign. It occurred to me that I had only painted the one side, so why not turn it over and make a sign for our Outdoor Christmas decorating.

More and more, I am becoming a fan of "doing it yourself" instead of buying it at the store and it is easier than you might think. I have partnered up with to bring you this project.

Here is how I did it:

Step 1:

Paint the whole surface with white craft paint. Decide where you want the top of the your tree to be and measure the center point.

Step 2:

Draw a straight line, using a ruler, where you want the bottom of your tree to be and then, using your ruler, connect all three corners. Then draw the shape for your trunk, using your ruler.

Step 3:

Then using ScotchBlue™™ Painter's Tape, line the outline of your tree. Rub your thumb along the edge to make sure you have a tight seal and then paint it all out with red paint. Use a ruler and craft knife to cut any sharp edged lines.

Step 4:

I chose to add a coat of dark wax over the top of the red to tone down the brightness.

Step 5:

Remove the ScotchBlue™™ Painter's Tape . Use a craft knife if necessary to lift up the edge up carefully.

Step 6:

I chose to add my words freehand. If you would prefer a more exact method, you can use this method. I kept allowing my words to get larger and spaced apart further as I moved down the tree. I used a piece of painter's tape as my guide and to draw my horizontal lines in pencil.

Step 7:

Draw over your pencil lines with a black Sharpie paint pen. Use a ruler to keep your horizontal lines straight.

Step 8:

Spray the whole sign with two coats of clear sealer to protect it in the outdoors. It is best to keep your sign under cover.

Surround your sign with greenery and ornaments and grab some hot cocoa and warm blanket and you are ready to enjoy some outdoor time this winter.

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This post is a collaboration with To keep up-to-date on projects, products and sampling visit