Maple-Fudge-Graham-Cracker-Cookies Today I am sharing a recipe for maple fudge graham cracker cookies as part of our monthly 10 Minute Ideas series. Before we go any further, I have to be very honest with you. It didn't take only ten minutes. In fact, not only did it take longer, but there were a whole bunch of issues along the way. If I am being fair to myself, the actual labor is not much more than 10 minutes when totaled up. But in between, there is a whole lot of waiting. Waiting for heating up, waiting for cooling down and waiting for setting up were spaced in between the action. And then, it didn't set up right. And it looked very unappetizing. But I was determined to make it work because it tasted SOOOOO good! Recipe-Maple-Fudge-Graham-Cookies copy So with a bit of a "can-do" attitude, I took a bit of a mess and turned it into a delicious no-bake dessert. And I figured since I am always so diligent about making sure projects really only take ten minutes, you would grant me a bit of grace this time around. When I decided to make maple fudge, I turned to the expert, my mother-in-law. She shared the one she has always used form an old pamphlet from the NH Maple Producers. One of my favorite parts of the recipe is that the fudge recipe only takes three ingredients. - 8 oz. of real maple syrup - 1 cup of granulate sugar -1/2 cup of milk You will also need graham crackers, a candy thermometer and a whisk. Also, to simplify it, a stand or hand held power mixer. Maple-Fudge-Ingredients To start with, combine all of your ingredients in a sauce pan and whisk them together. Mixing-Ingredients-Maple-Fudge copy Set the saucepan on medium heat and place your thermometer in your pan. Stir occasionally, but not constantly. Stirring-Maple-Fudge You need to heat the mixture until it reaches 235-240 degrees, or as it is marked on the thermometer as "soft-ball stage". Boiling-ingredients-maple-fudge-recipe copy Once you reach it, take it off the stove and set it on a safe surface until it cools to 120 degrees. Once it is cool, which for me, took about 30 minutes. Put the mix in your mixer and begin beating it. The goal is to beat it until it is creamy and it has lost its gloss look. Pour into a greased pan and let it set up. I used a shallow pie plate for mine. Recipe-Maple-Fudge copy I left mine for about 2 hours and found that it really did not set up right. The hardest part about fudge, as I have now learned, is to get it to set up fully. The beauty of this recipe is that it works even when your fudge does not set up fully. Once it is pretty thick, scoop out a spoonful at a time and spread it between two pieces of graham crackers. Repeat several times until you have used all of your fudge. It should make between 10 to 12 cookies depending on how much fudge you use on each cookie. It serves perfectly with coffee and a few nuts for a little texture. Maple-Graham-Cookie-Recipe copy When my daughters tried it they went crazy for them and immediately said they needed chocolate and marshmallows to make it like a s'more. How fun is that? A recipe that was looking like it was going to be a hot mess ended up being a delicious new idea that works multiple ways! Maple-Fudge-Smores-Cookies copy And as always, I have joined with a super talented team to share more 10 Minute No-Bake Dessert ideas. Stop by to see what they are sharing. 10-minute-no-bake-recipes

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